The 8-Hour Strategic Plan


Strategic Plans Don’t Take Months

Contrary to common experience, a solid strategic plan does not take months to complete. Usually, the planning team wastes dozens of hours uselessly debating the “rightness” or “wrongness” of each others ideas.

The BSIG 8-Hour Strategic Plan is designed to get everyone in the room on the same page, and communicating effectively and efficiently. The result is unusually high degrees of alignment, and MUCH more rapid agreement on the future direction of the organization.

Focus on Results, Not Methods

As leaders and managers, we are tuned to see the world as a series of problems to solve. Therefore, when we think about planning, we look to accomplish projects to solve those problems. The major drawback in project-based strategic planning, is that projects are a means to an end, rather than the ultimate result. The main reason that this is so important is because we know that there are virtually infinite ways to get from A to B, and if we lock into one method, we lose the ability to try (or even consider) the others.

The BSIG 8-Hour Strategic plan method teaches people how to look at their organization with Results colored glasses, for a plan that moves the organization forward and doesn’t become obsolete when a project is completed.

How did you do that!? I had no idea that our group had so much alignment! We got so much done in such a short period of time. I figured there was no way we could do that in literally 8 hours. This process is a god-send!
— Robert - Chief Executive Officer

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