In my years of work with Human Resources departments, I've sat in on many-a-seminar called something to the effect of, "Managing a Millennial Workforce" or "Managing Millennials." These presentations are often boiled down to three points:

  1. Millennials are entitled and narcissistic.
  2. Millennials fear commitment and change jobs every two years.
  3. Millennials need to be appreciated all of the time. 

When we place negative generalizations on an entire group of people from a certain ethnic origin, we call it racism, and it's appalling. When we do the same for a single gender, we call it sexism, and it's appalling. It's appalling because we are making gross generalizations of an entire group of people even though they have individual personalities, strengths, ambitions, and motivations. This is the major flaw in our conversations about Millennials, we frequently ignore that they are more than just a group, they are a group of individuals.  Read the Full Article