My unique talent is I can name most tunes in 4 notes or less.

My unique talent is I can name most tunes in 4 notes or less.


With over fifteen years of administrative experience, Jen has built a career making people’s lives easier by dealing with disorganization, creating procedures, and driving collaboration through communication and documentation. Working in numerous industries from public education to private equity, Jen has been exposed to an array of business strategies and philosophies. Each experience has added indispensable skills to her tool belt, including agility, resilience, project and event management, and creative problem-solving.

As the Bailey Strategic Innovation Group’s Logistics Ninja, Jen is responsible for keeping everything and everybody organized as we continue to expand across the United States. Jen is also instrumental in our internal and external communication strategies.


  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designation by the International Association of Administrative Professionals

    Key Areas of Focus

  • Organizational Communications

  • Business Writing and Document Production

  • Technology and Information Distribution

  • Office and Records Management

  • Event and Project Management

The Lawrence Fam
Jen and Hank

Jen, her husband Hank, and their son, Cameron, live in Gilbert, Arizona.

Jen, Hank, and Cameron